Mineral resources are among others the most important natural resources that can be found on earth. Whether from a business or private perspective, especially energy and raw materials are essential requirements to live and develop in today’s technology-dominated world. However, the mining of such resources is not as easy as one may assume, as it entails great effort by highly  specialized equipment with high quality and security standards in particular.

With more than 40 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, we are a system supplier for mining supply. Focused on crushing and conveying components, we provide one-stop-shop solutions made in Germany. Always ready to face new challenges in the world’s dynamic economy, we are open-minded and flexible to meet individual technical requests challenging the future together in a trustworthy partnership.

Company Brochure

You can find our Brochure here.


Our company has set its goal to utilizing our full potential by constantly scrutinizing and optimizing our competitiveness in order to achieve a maximum degree of customer satisfaction.


Our strengths are a result from longtime professional experience paired with profound knowledge in mechanical processing. Combined with a high degree of flexibility and resilience, we do our best to fulfill our customers‘ requirements by offering a convincing product quality.


Our vision is based on our goal to continuously maintain and improve our competitiveness in order to achieve high dynamics. Furthermore, by strengthening and securing our human capital in the long run, we can ensure a certain level of consistency. Additionally, investing in modern processing technology, enables us to develop and retain young qualified employees and therefore pave the way for a prosperous future.


Our services and products are characterised by high quality standards that will enhance your process reliability. The combination of qualified experts and certified skilled workers, modern machinery and the usage of high quality in materials, ensure top level process standards to meet all product requirements. On this basis, we are proud to be a worldwide active system supplier for well-known middle-sized and concern companies.

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